Bryan's bowel cancer story (diagnosed age 69, QLD)

I am an example of the value of regularly undertaking the in-home FIT test and the benefits of early bowel cancer detection.
I had been doing the Colovantage test for about 7 years with the result coming back each year as negative until late 2015 when the result came back positive.
I visited the GP and it was recommended I have a colonoscopy which was undertaken fairly quickly. A polyp was removed (approx. 20mm) with the pathology being cancerous.
I was given an appointment with the surgeon in January and scheduled for surgery (high anterior resection) for early February 2016. From the colonoscopy to the operation in all was 3 weeks.
Surgery was really the only option discussed initially with the GP and then with the surgeon.
Prior to the operation I was advised I would need to go on a low fibre diet post op. Information from the surgeons office was basic and I initially struggled to get relevant info until I checked the Bowel Cancer Australia website and made contact. Excellent assistance and advice received from their nutritionist and nurse advisers. Having the ability to talk directly to BCA’s clinical staff is a great advantage as queries can be answered immediately.
For someone who was feeling fit, well and healthy it was a great shock to be diagnosed with bowel cancer. The feeling was one of suddenly feeling vulnerable and the possibility of having to undertake chemo was most concerning. Getting the pathology results post op i.e. no further treatment required, was one of the happiest days of my life.
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